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Service Informations

KIND Audio products are designed and manufactured to meet the industry's highest quality standards. They are built to provide many years of continuous and reliable operation, with only minimal maintenance required by the user. However, as with any electrical or mechanical device, inadvertent operator error or operation under unusually extreme conditions can result in component failures.

Should your KIND Audio product malfunction or exhibit a defect, KIND Audio's service personnel along with our global service partners are committed to providing the assistance you need to get your KIND Audio product back to work as fast as possible, and with minimal cost and effort for you.

In this event, please always first check the following points to avoid unnecessary action:

- The product is connected to the proper mains voltage.

- The other connected devices in the signal chain are working properly (mixing console, EQ, controller/crossover, loudspeakers).

- All external cabling is intact, connected, and in phase.

- The KIND Audio product is set up correctly. (Check the various controls and switches, such as gain, limiters, link/bridge, etc.)

- The dust filters are clean and in place.

- The status of any warning or fault indication on the product LED's or display. If any indicate unusual or abnormal conditions, please refer to the Operation Manual first. You might be able to isolate and solve the problem by analyzing and interpreting the status information.

- Should your KIND Audio product still not work properly, please contact your nearest Distributor or KIND Audio Technical Support staff.


Technical Assistance and Service
When you contact your nearest Distributor or KIND Audio Technical Support please have all basic information available: product type and model number, serial number and a description of the defect and symptoms.


Return Form
To help prepare for the return of your KIND Audio product to the factory, please download this form.

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